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5 Questions you should be asking your practioner.

Considering undergoing a treatment? Insure you know the answers to these questions.


8 Point Lip Lift

Give your Lips a more youthful appearance with our latest range of innovative dermal fillers, designed to hydrate and add more volume to your Lips for up to a year.

-Julieann our master injector is one of the top 50 injectors in the UK

Cheek Enhancement

This treatment offers a lift and rejuvenation through the use of natural gel to improve the appearance of the cheeks and help towards combatting saggy, ‘old-looking’ skin.

The Perfect Peel

The Perfect Peel is a revolutionary peel that will rejuvenate your skin making it look younger, healthier and clearer in just a week. The Perfect Peel is suitable for all skin types with the process taking less than 15 minutes. It is practically a totally pain-free process.

Essex Award Winning Clinic

Collagen Aesthetics, owner-managed by Julieann Pollitt, provides a range of advanced, non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments for clients of all ages. Highly-trained, and using state-of-the-art, safe and stress-free products, we help you attain immediate aesthetic results that make you look and feel great.



We are an official stockist of the worlds leading innovative skin care product range.

Products specially formulated to help create and maintain a healthy skin for life. These products stimulate and improve the skin’s natural functions to help both resolve existing and avoid many other skin disorders


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