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Nefertiti Neck Lift


Nefertiti Neck Lift at a glance

Botox is injected into a thin muscle called the Platysma in and around the jawline. This relaxes the muscle so that those muscles on the upper face become stronger. Small amounts of Botox are injected along the lower jawline (into the Platysma muscles in the neck area), giving an uplifting effect to the neck and jaw area.


As we get older, the muscles under the jaw tend to pull down the cheeks. This leads to a loss of jawline definition and flattened cheeks.

Our Solution

The treatment involves the use of Botox injections to decrease the “downward-pull” of the cheek by the muscles under the jaw. By inserting a number of Botox injections down the side of the neck and along the jawline, the ‘lifting’ of the neck and jaw area improves definition. When the ‘downward-pulling’ muscles are relaxed, the ‘upward-pulling’ facial muscles, having no resistance, hold the cheek up. The Nefertiti Lift thus reverses the muscle power equilibrium, providing a tauter, better toned and defined jawline.

What to Expect During Treatment

Effectively, what happens when the treatment is applied is that the facial muscles become stronger and they, in essence, perform a ‘natural’ non-surgical face-lift upwards. For a lasting result, the treatment needs to be repeated every 3 to 4 months.


  • Volume replacement
  • A lift along the jawline
  • The tightening of the skin around the neck
  • A reduction in “jowling” and “turkey-neck
  • Facial muscles strengthen
  • A better toned and defined jawline
  • A youthful and more contoured look

Recommended For

  • Those with jaw muscles pulling down the cheeks
  • Toning the skin around the neck
  • Treating effects of “jowling” and “turkey-neck
  • Tightening of the jaw and neck

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