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8 Point Lip Lift


8 Point Lip Lift at a glance

The eight-point lift (which is also known as the liquid facelift, due to its effect) is a technique developed by the Brazilian plastic surgeon Mauricio de Maio, who is a world-class innovator in injection strategy.


As part of the ageing process the lips begin to lose natural volume, becoming thinner with small vertical creases appearing to form. This results in a flattening of the upper lip below the nose as a result of the loss of volume in the upper lip. Fine lines can also begin to develop around the lips (periorbital lines) mainly through ageing or lifestyle (for example, smoking) factors. This results in flattening of the “cupid’s bow” (the double curve of the upper lip) with the appearance of the lips becoming less defined with the mouth appearing to droop at the corners.

Our Solution

The technique involves the careful injection of dermal fillers (from the highly-respected and acclaimed Juvederm Vycross range of products) at specific sites. This approach helps subtly reshape and provide redefinition to provide for a refreshed look. The Juvederm Vycross range, which is manufactured by Allergan, who are themselves market leaders in the field of dermal fillers. These fillers are also much smoother than previously and integrate with the tissues really well to look and feel altogether more natural. They also provide much less bruising and swelling.

What to Expect During Treatment

The results of this treatment can be quite stunning. As a further stage in the progress of dermal fillers, the improved cross-linkage of molecules delivers products that last for much longer (over a year) than previously. This 45-minute procedure is based, as the name suggests, around eight recommended injection sites. Do note that not all eight points may need injecting; it is very much a bespoke treatment that depends on the individual’s features. Results show after about three weeks with full benefit achieved at around three months. Also, in the very unlikely event that a patient does not like the result, these fillers can be dissolved with an injection and the effects reversed. This, of course, is something which cannot be done when it comes to surgical procedures.


  • Increases lip definition
  • Restores facial symmetry
  • Lifts in the appropriate areas
  • Creates subtle enhancements
  • Adds volume and fullness

Recommended For

  • Achieving a natural enhancement
  • Thin lips
  • Reducing fine lines
  • Lifting cheekbones
  • Diminishing hollows under the eyes
  • Reducing lines from nose-to-mouth
  • Slight upward tweaking of the corners of the mouth
  • Counter balancing the changes which can occur with age

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