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Cheek Enhancements


Cheek Enhancements at a glance

Cheek augmentation using non-surgical means is an innovative new treatment. Some describe it as a cheek implant in a syringe. It provides cheek shaping and forming without having to suffer the lost time and discomfort of healing from surgery. The treatment restores plumpness, volume and definition.


We all know that full, defined cheeks are a sign of youth and beauty. However, over time, and as we get older, the face loses its fat and the cheeks tend to become flat and loose, giving way to a somewhat sunken-in look.

Our Solution

What to Expect During Treatment

A cosmetic filler is injected to enhance your cheeks. This procedure has negligible, if any, discomfort and can be completed in around 15 – 20 minutes (after which you may resume normal activities immediately), and offers almost immediate effect, providing a more fullness to the middle face, a lifting of the lower region and providing a better all-around balance to your appearance.


  • Refines and sculptures poorly defined or flat cheekbones
  • Adds contour and volume to the face
  • Helps regain a more youthful face
  • Assists in the prevention of a premature aged appearance
  • Restores cheek volume
  • Provides a rejuvenated and less-tired look to the face
  • This procedure is virtually painless

Recommended For

  • Those in their 20’s who have never had full cheeks
  • Those aged between 21 and 35 requiring a more defined beauty look
  • Those of 35+ years wanting a more youthful, less tired look
  • Those who have lost volume around the cheek area

5 Questions you should be asking your practioner.

Considering undergoing a treatment? Ensure you know the answers to these questions.