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Tear Troughs


Tear Troughs at a glance

Fillers are an extremely effective option for those patients who demonstrate tear trough hollows and under-eye bags. Filler injections will help to stabilise facial contouring around where the eyelid and cheek meet and prevent any requirement for physical surgery. These tear trough non-surgical aesthetic treatments have become extremely popular amongst, and successful for, younger people. That having been said, individuals of any age can undergo this procedure if they are looking for a fresher, rejuvenated look with a break from tired looking eye.


As we start to grow older, the tear trough area underneath the eyes starts to become more conspicuous. The change is typified by dark circles and under-eye hollow which gives us a tired and exhausted look. Also, a ‘hollowing’ under the eyes can uncover ‘bags’ which can make the

Our Solution

All of the hyaluronic acid fillers used in the treatment are in the form of a sterile gel that is laboratory produced. These modern fillers, unlike the use of surgery, are non-permanent. This particular tear trough filler treatment is usually performed with needles, as opposed to thin tubed cannulas which tend to be too imprecise.

What to Expect During Treatment

The treatment consists of a series of micro-injections along the tear trough hollows. The area is gently massaged to make sure the gel is distributed uniformly. The treatment takes around 10-15 minutes. The area treated is not particularly sensitive, so there is virtually no pain and therefore no pain relief drugs are required.


  • Reduces appearance of typical dark circles and hollows
  • Make the eyes look brighter and rejuvenated
  • Stabilises facial contouring
  • Results can be amazing and can make a real difference to the whole face
  • Any slight bruising can be easily covered with make-up

Recommended For

  • Reducing prominence of tear trough area underneath the eyes
  • Reducing ‘hollowing’ and ‘bags ’under the eyes
  • The change is typified by dark circles and under-eye hollow which gives us a tired and exhausted look
  • Prevent requirement for physical surgery around eyelid and cheek

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