Collagen Aesthetics, owner-managed by Julieann Pollitt, provides a range of advanced, non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments for clients of all ages. Highly-trained, and using state-of-the-art, safe and stress-free products, we help you attain immediate aesthetic results that make you look and feel great.

5 Questions you should be asking your practioner.

Considering undergoing a treatment? Insure you know the answers to these questions.

Treatments you can trust

All our treatments, without exception, are tested, tried and trusted. We carefully assess skin concerns that clients present to us and ensure all our treatments and the products we use target only those specific areas that require our specialist attention and care.

  Collagen Aesthetics’ inspiration

Julieann is a highly-trained practitioner who has proven over the years that she undertakes non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments with devotion and passion, and not just for the money. She is keen to see people not only gain the treatment they need, as opposed to just want, but also ensure they receive best quality, value-for-money and proven treatments available on the market today.

  100% dedicated professionalism

Julieann never fails to demonstrate her ability and understanding of current procedures and the products required to carry out those procedures. She has been a fully-registered nurse specialising in aesthetics for over 25 years and attends all the Aesthetics Masterclass's for Advanced Practitioners of the Allergan Medical Institute where she is a member in order to remain on top.

  It’s your face, your body, your ideal look

At Collagen Aesthetics, you can rest assured that your expectations will be professionally and correctly managed. You will receive no unrealistic or unattainable promises talking you into procedures and products that will not be of benefit to you. Clients do sometimes over-ask, it’s human nature. So be prepared for professional honesty as Julieann works towards identifying the best way to meet your aesthetic needs.


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